Shipping and return policies for Data Airlines

Shipping Info
Terms & Conditions Regarding The Shop

#If not stated otherwise, all items are shipped from Marseilles, France. Items ship out within 5 days of a placed order. Shipping delays are 1-5 days for France, 3-14 days for the European Union & Suisse, and 7-25 days for the rest of the world, depending on selected shipping method.

#Please take note that we do not offer any returns or reimbursement for items lost or damaged in transit for orders placed with an unregistered shipping option. We strongly encourage our customers to consider the registered shipping options with tracking and insurance to avoid any lost or damaged orders. However because of limitations to the bandcamp platform. Extended shipping options are only available through our webshop at An additional advantage with ordering directly through our shop is that the 10% fee that usually goes to bandcamp instead goes directly to the artist, in full. Beware of incoming caps. BECAUSE 9 OUT OF 10 EMAILS WE GET IS REGARDING THIS ISSUE, WE FEEL THE NEED TO REPEAT THE ABOVE IN CAPS. ALL BANDCAMP ORDERS ARE SHIPPED WITH UNREGISTERED POST. THAT MEANS NO INSURANCE, NO TRACKING, NO RETURNS, NO REPLACEMENTS IF DAMAGED IN TRANSIT. IF YOU WANT ANY OF THIS, PLEASE CONSIDER ORDER FROM OUR STORE AT WWW.DATAAIRLINES.NET INSTEAD. THANK YOU. <3

#For vinyl, we ship our records inside their sleeves. Some customers prefer to have their records shipped outsie their sleeves to prevent possible tearing from records that shift in transit. Shipping the record outside the sleeve presents other risks to the record it self but if you prefer to have your record shipped like this, please add a note to your order and we'll see to that.

#Regarding combined purchases of cassettes together with vinyl, we recommend that you place such orders separately to allow for separate shipping. If not, we will ship your cassette together with your vinyl which might result in bending the vinyl.

#We only accept paypal payments. No bitcoin, sorry.

#Any questions should be directed to shop Ⓐ We try to answer e-mails as quick as possible but expect some downtime during weekends and holiday seasons.
Return Policy
Through Bandcamp we do not offer any registered shipping or returns. But please contact and let us know what is wrong and we'll try to figure something out. If you require registered shipping, tracking and/or insurance, please consider ordering directly from our store at instead.